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Farms in operation





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High-Powered & Halving Ready

Our latest upgrade combines a high efficiency fleet with capital efficient
practices to bolster our farms just before the Halving. Bitfarms is taking our
capital efficient fleet to the next level, with a minimal growth to 12.0 EH/s by
Q2 2024. We are lowering miner and energy costs, improving fleet energy
efficiency, and opening ourselves to advantageous pricing flexibility.

Our Farms, Our Difference

Bitfarms is an Early Mover in the Bitcoin Mining Industry

We are executing aggressive buildout and designing state-of the-art Bitcoin mining operations to optimize fleet infrastructure. By focusing on hydroelectricity and private locally-sourced natural gas, we keep our cost and environmental impact low while securing 2% of the Bitcoin network.

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Experienced In-House Operations Yield High Efficiencies

Fueling Our Success and Longevity with Technology

Our experienced operations team backed by our proprietary software system providing real time updates facilitates quick response times supporting our miners to mine optimally and with very high uptime performance levels.

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Innovative Facilities and Design

Our farms are built for efficiency, consistency, and stability. With innovative designs like overhead cable troughs, increased natural airflow, and high-capacity transformers, our facilities are optimized for superior miner performance and easy service access.

Our miners are powered by 99% green hydroelectricity and maintain a low average cost of about US$0.04/kWh. Paired with our recently updated and high functioning miner fleet, our mining is more efficient than ever.

By keeping low energy costs through sustainable means, we are able to focus on maintaining our current average of 99% uptime. Low costs and high uptimes are what make Bitfarms a leader in Bitcoin mining when it comes to profit and efficiency.

Our company operates at a unique scale. We have access to our own service engineers at each location through Volta Électrique, our proprietary technology makes minimizing downtime simple and straightforward, and we operate at a multi-national level in 4 countries.

Bitfarms' greatest strengths lie in its sustainability, innovation, and skilled teams. The combined experience of our leadership and staff keeps our operations profitable and stable.

We believe in the value of diverse and globalized operations, with 11 operational farms across 4 countries in 2 continents: Canada, United States, Argentina, and Paraguay.

Network and Operations Center

We have a highly skilled team running our Network and Operations Center to make sure that we are functioning seamlessly and efficiently.